she said YES. Kate’s gonna be my #blogmate.

imageshe said YES! Kate will be my #blogmate. (!!!!!!!)

so now what?

we haven’t even decided how we’re gonna roll with this yet but we are meeting later today to figure it out!! yes. it’s taken us over a week to get together. you’re probably thinking we don’t have what it takes.

over the course of the last week, well, since my last post//first post, I’ve come to realize there is A LOT to consider when starting a blog… are we even going to have TIME for this? Kate has #maseman, her man man and two jobs || and I’m full time and go to school. hmmm.  so {timing}. we have to be consistent and commit. and {content} of course is huge. what are we going to talk about and focus on. what is our blog’s purpose. (send us your ideas!! we’d love YOUR input). {privacy}. how much of ‘us’ are we willing to dish out to strangers/readers/future friends. will our brothers want code names? #coolguythetoolguy #prettypilotboy #marvelousmechanic   ….our {image}. how do we want to portray ourselves. how do we want our site to look. and our name!! maybe Kate doesn’t even like ‘Kate and me’. she may have different great ideas for a blog name. guess we’ve got our work cut out for us. but can’t wait to figure it out.

toodaloo my darlings. til next time ;-)

-love me.


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