!!!happy second birthday to our boys!!!

yes. Kate and me also have children born on the exact. same. day. (!!!) how cool is that? and yes, my child may have paws and four legs, but nonetheless! we think it’s pretty awesome. and kinda crazy flukey…
I adopted Baxter from a rescue in Carman, Manitoba called Kat’s Kritters. he was 5 months old. they gave me his paperwork and I couldn’t believe it when I saw his birth date!! I was excited. that was the day I became an aunty. and to my precious #maseman <3  {02.11.14}
this post will be short because I write this while I’m in class. but quickly I just have to say this:
birth dates and our family have had something kinda weird going on from the beginning actually…
here’s the weirdness:
Kate’s family:
boy 1 born Aug 7
boy 2 born Feb 7
boy 3 born Oct 20 (not sure what happened there)
and Kate born Dec 7 !! SEVEN.  and finally. a girl!
then me / my fam:
me born May 17
my bro born Feb 17
my bro and I have two older half brothers:
bro 1 born on March 28
bro 2 born on Feb 28
crazy, hey?!!?
and ^ look at both families ^ ….3 boys and 1 girl in each.
anyway. thank you to Baxter and Mason for carrying on the weirdness with birth dates in our family. and happy happy birthday!!! WE LOVE YOUUUUUU.
btw. for all you jerks in the warmer countries and more southern states.. it’s going down to MINUS 41 degrees celsius tonight. so I will probably be wearing ski pants to work tomorrow. i’m not bitter.
goodnight y’all <3
– j

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