My experience.. so far. #onblogging

Hey Hey ya’ll, long time no post….. I know! Hope everyone reading today is having a fantastic Friday, and is enjoying warming weather!!!!!!! Any who I am going to jump right into it today.

When Jenna explained to me her idea about the blog, and sharing our experiences with the world I was not against it but I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to get deep and into detail about some of my experiences. As much as I would love to share with you my past 2 years being sick some things are just too personal to blurt out to the world. I think most of you would be understanding to that and so I will share with you what I am comfortable with and go from there.

When I was about 20 years old I got really sick with strep for half a year, while dealing with that I got diagnosed with endometriosis which is common in women. Endometriosis is when the tissue that usually lines the inside of the uterus grows on the outside. It can include your ovaries, bowels, or lining tissue of the pelvis. This can cause extreme amounts of pain and cramping, excessive bleeding, infertility, etc. Google if you want more information on it. One of the outcomes I was told of having endometriosis right off the bat was that I had a very minimal chance in getting pregnant and having children. I was so young at the time and knew that I didn’t want children then but knew that I absolutely wanted to have children in my future. I was upset and devastated but knew that other options were out there to have kids so I wasn’t going to let it affect me at the time. Time passed, I met Tyler and pretty soon into dating I told him about my “issues” obviously he was beyond understanding. He was willing to take those chances with me and we both agreed if something happened it would happen. I hadn’t been on contraceptive in years prior to meeting him and I wasn’t currently on anything either as it made me sick. I have to say ladies when I went off the pill I felt so much better on a day to day basis. After finding out about the infertility I didn’t feel I should be on the pill as I find it very harmful. Anyways ya funny, we got pregnant clearly and had Mason!!!!!!!!! It truly is a blessing, and we see him as our little miracle. Love that little human so much. My pregnancy went extremely smooth except for the beginning I was sick which is 100% normal. Actually I was the healthiest when I was pregnant. My body actually felt better then than I can ever remember. I mean mentally I was a little pissed I couldn’t have some wine for 9 months but all in all I’d say it was worth it ;)

After I had Mason everything was a huge adjustment. Kids are a big adjustment! The greatest though. I breastfed for 8 months and decided to call er’ quits, and get back to my life. I lost weight extremely quick after I had him and even though I was eating non stop I kept shedding the weight (I know some of you are probably saying lucky…. as it can be hard to loose weight after baby) but it got to the point where I got fragile and wasn’t feeling well any day. Food would go straight through me and I had other issues occurring also with my endometriosis. I was so tired that it actually hurt to wake up in the morning. I was constantly nauseous and my body was always aching. I was getting test done for colitis, Crohn’s, IBS, as that runs in my family. I had my endometriosis re tested also. I tried food restrictions and lifestyle changes. I started seeing a naturopath as well ( I strongly suggest naturopaths!!!!) My levels were so low, all my vitamins were low my b12 was shockingly low which explains all my tiredness my vitamin D was not even 1/8th of what a normal person should have. I was in the worst shape I’ve ever been in before. You could see every bone basically in my body. I started taking all vitamin supplements and lots of them. I got b12 shots, [love love love those]. I slowly got feeling a bit better when my body was getting back on track with the vitamins but I was still was loosing weight. It was insane what having a baby does to your body. Completely whacks it out of place. I really struggled during this time being a mom and taking care of myself. I felt so un-productive all the time and it really took a toll on my body. I got down to 96 pounds and whoever knows me knows I already have zero muscle. After my mat leave was over I worked for a few months and sadly had to take time off again to rest and get better. I would hear every single day from believe it or not strangers at how skinny I am and how I look like a twig and honestly it got to the point where it really did hurt my feelings. My confidence in myself was at it’s all time low. Taking time off was hard for me to do too, I was really excited to get back to work and be me again, but it was definitely worth taking the time off. I was able to relax and give my body a break and taking things slow did help me improve health wise. I was able to de-stress and hang with my little man. After taking a couple months off it was back to try work again. I am so happy to say that I am on month 9 of being back consistently at work and still been feeling pretty well for the most part. I’m now back up near 115 lbs. which has been a slow progression but its getting normal. I’m still working to getting back to my healthy self but it is taking time and everyday is even better.

I know most are wondering well what is it making me better. I have my endometriosis under control currently. It has it’s moments but for the most part I think we found a solution. I am keeping on track with vitamins and taking care of myself as much as I can. All in all I am feeling good. My health has been so good to me for the past months and I am for sure taking it :).

I hope you all have such an awesome weekend and I welcome anyone who may have dealt or is dealing with any of the same symptoms to feel free to message me and talk cause I still want to know more and learn more about what I can do, or maybe I can help someone else!

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2 thoughts on “My experience.. so far. #onblogging

  1. I love reading your post ladies! Keep the blogs coming ! Two honest beautiful ladies writing about their everyday lives and experiences! Thanks for the good reads! Xoxo

    – Jenn Waite


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