[how I stay in remission]

I have a ton of content to add to this page but this is what I’ve got for now… 

I’ve been fighting UC since I was 17 [since 2004] and have found my ‘cure’ in the foods that I eat, how I manage my stress, and exercise.

For anyone out there struggling through this horrific disease and feeling helpless, I am here to tell you that there is hope. regardless of a ‘cure’ being found. we can cure ourselves.
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one of the reasons this blog exists is to share and inspire and give hope to others. it really is possible to live a great story despite having ulcerative colitis.

my three pillars to stay in remission  are STRESS, DIET, and EXERCISE. If two of the three pillars are knocked out (not following my diet and I am stress OR not exercising and not eating properly) then that will trigger a flare.

more to come. but in the meantime…

don’t ever give up on hope and healing.