our friends

this page will be a go-to spot for carefully selected resources. there is SO much information out there. especially when we’re looking for the answers about ulcerative colitis (+ Crohn’s)

this ‘our friends’ page will we a guide to begin your journey to healing and healthy living. but while this list is being populated….. my advice is this:

we should ALWAYS double check the information we’re reading. take everything with a grain of salt. don’t believe everything you read. ESPECIALLY from an accredited site or person. just the other day I came across this on healthline.com and it can’t be further from the truth. i’m just sick about it! drinking Ensure is not ever good for even a healthy person*! never mind drinking it when we’re fighting a flare-up OR whatever ailment it is you’re fighting. this beverage is doing harm to our gut. (12 years ago when I was first diagnosed with UC yes I did drink this garbage because I was mislead. by my specialist. who is supposed to SPECIALIZE in Gastroenterology (gut health) and KNOW what it is that will harm or heal me.


just remember. we don’t know what we don’t know. so we must do our research.

do not put 100% of your trust in a doctor to tell you what’s what. [how many times have we heard Ensure being a ‘#1 Doctor recommended‘ drink?] everyone only knows what they’ve been taught. and the sad thing is… not everything that is being taught is the truth.

and even though I am very passionate about alternative/natural healing, that doesn’t go to say that we put 100% of our trust in our naturopaths either. it is SO important that we do our homework. in this day and age we HAVE to take our health in to our own hands. we need to take the time to educate ourselves on the most important matter in our life  >>> our health <<<

question everyone and every thing.

*when I say ‘healthy person’ I am referring to those who go about their day-to-day lives feeling up to par.  A healthy way of living not only changes our body, it changes our mind, our attitude, and our mood.