ZERO FOX GIVEN cause it’s international day of HAPPY!

[[International Day of Happiness is March 20th. ] 

I’m not letting anything get in the way of my happy…So today I decided I’m GOING IN that gosh darn pool! Cause holy smokes was it HOT. I should be avoiding [chlorinated]pools like the plague. but I went for it :)    I feel like we always need an exception to the rule. (especially on vacation) Right? Like today. It’s been 3 days straight  of 95 degrees and I’ve holded out for this long from getting in that pool. But today I’m like, FOX IT.  And plus. my DAD was in the pool. I think I can count on one hand how many times in my 29 years that I’ve had an opportunity to swim with my dad! So there. Definitely worth it. It’s important to not get hung up on the rules ALL OF THE TIME.  So we do what makes us happy. AND THAT’S OKAy ;-) [not to say that staying within my restrictions makes me unhappy. Cause that’s definitely not the case. I’m quite happy with my lifestyle + grateful to know what the tools are to keep me feeling well and in remission.]. I’m just using today’s ‘happiness day’ as an excuse to get an extra bit of happy ;-)

When I was in the pool I was cringing just thinking of all the chlorine soaking in to my body LOL (it’s destroying all the good bacteria in my intestines). but I was only in there for about 10 mins so hopefully I didn’t  too much damage. Probably not any more damage than this snack and wine I’m having right now :P

So for my fellow #ibdfighters here’s what’s up with my snack (pictured above):

I’ve got lime flavoured bean ‘tortilla’ chips. (I’m trying to make a little bit more of an effort to stay away from corn. but when I don’t at the LEAST I make sure it’s non-gmo) beans are legumes and legumes contain phytic acid, lectins blah blah blah…so always in moderation with legumes is best for me. Definitely not a staple in my diet. I guess it’s a good thing I’m not vegan. I’m trying hard to avoid soytoo.  Then there’s the salsa.. And tomatos are a damn nightshade.  This is a tough one for me to stay away from.(and a new elimination food for me) Especially in the summer…who doesn’t love taco chips and salsa? (When I do have salsa it’s usually organic) And then there’s my fav. RED WINE. (organic as much as I can). Gosh I love my wine and cheese. and this cheese is DAIRY,  yes, and I’ve been off dairy for the last 12 years. the only cow’s milk cheese I will cheat on is UNPASTEURIZED, ORGANIC cheese.

So back to happiness.  I got to play tennis this mornin’!! which made me a happy girl.  It kicked my butt, but it was awesome. I hadn’t played for over two years. (can’t believe I got my dad out on the court. first time EVER.  Insert another happy face here)

I feel like I’m often taking note of the things that make me happy. I am usually always mindful of the things and moments that make me happy. And often enough it’s the super simple stuff. Like waking up and seeing the sun. Or noticing the friendly smiling bus driver. AND it’s the things that matter… like spending time with my family.  I’m in a constant state of gratitude towards my happiness, which in turn ends up yielding me more happy, I think? Cause like attracts like. Right? It’s no secret. ;-)

How many people out there make it a priority to have happy in their every day life? Who else fights a battle with colitis (or anything for that matter) yet still remains happy? I know I’m not the only one.  Talking about this reminds me of a friend who recently kicked cancer’s butt. From his diagnosis, thru the ups and downs, he kept such a positive attitude and I am so proud of him for that. The last thing we want to do is stress about our shitty (:P) diseases. It just adds to the problem. and I know, easier said than done. But it’s worth the effort to get there.

I value happiness. It’s something that I make a priority in my life. And when I’m not happy, I do whatever it takes to get me back there.  And that doesn’t mean there’s no room for sadness and pain. We’re allowed to be happy and sad at the same time. In fact it’s an emotional state that I appreciate and value because I don’t think everyone can get there. Maybe it’s only ever happy OR sad for some?! I dunno. But my thoughts on happiness go on and on so I will save them for another post. ‘It’s better to feel pain than nothing at all.’ I LOVE that line and song by The Lumineers, Stubborn Love.

Okay, two things before I go:

how cute is that fox mug!! :P. Amazon showed it to me when I was buying my Boswellia extract supplements aka my FAV: Frankinsence (it’s for inflammation. and worth checking out especially if you have arthritis or joint pain.)

And to my Arizona pals, how the heck do you guys survive the 100+ heat in the summer!!!!? Common’ up to Lake of the Woods, Canada, my darlings. We’ll treat you to some perfect summer weather up in God’s country ;-)

Bye for now. xo.

fun, eventful, weekend. living life!

holy bleep did I just make a big freakin mess of my kitchen! but man did I make a masterpiece for dinner. I enjoy pinning recipes / food + beverage ideas on my  pinterest board ‘Bon Appetite’  and tonight’s meal was inspired by spaghetti squash chow mien + egg roll in a bowl . actually the idea to make this came from the left over cabbage I had from the sauerkraut I made this afternoon.  and then I used the pinterest recipes as my guide. and it was faily easy! though you’d prob wonder if you saw my kitchen?!


so this is what I did: I threw the spaghetti squash in the oven,  fried up some ground turkey with onion flakes, garlic, salt / pepper. fried up the cabbage, shredded carrots + red onions. then made my sauce: extra virgin olive oil, garlic, ginger + coconut aminos [i’m really trying hard to limit soy in my diet. cause hormones].and garnished with green onions.

so now that dinner is done I’m having some cravings for the damn cookie dough I made yesterday. i’m trying hard not to have any because I’ve been cheating a little too much lately. testing myself. pushing the envelope, eating things that I should not be eating. like POTATOES. OR. eating lots of something I should really only be eating in moderation. like…. cookie dough. and wine. I maybe drank too much wine last last Friday and then again this past Friday. BUT, I feel like i’ve been managing my stress levels well and I’ve definitely increased my gym visits. so no flare-ups allowed!

cheese. I also had some cheese on Friday. cause wine. too much wine. in fact it was a child’s third birthday party, ha. but that’s our fam. and we do fun.
my sweet birthday boy, Mason, helped aunty make her special pizza. while everyone else ate 222222222222. and I can guarantee mine was SO. MUCH. BETTER. in the yummy sense and health-wise. (obviously).  >>insert some reader’s eye-rolls here<<     lol. it’s okay.


so, yes! a great, busy, fun-filled  weekend was had….

kate’s place / maseman’s bday party on Friday night with all my favourite people. {well some were missing, yes}. yesterday I did a lot of work with just believe and this blog… been working on my next post about SALT. then my mom and I hit up the parade of homes yesterday. I made my fav cookie dough. [which, yes, dammit, I am eating now.]
today I had no one to get my butt to church so I just attended online :) ..did lots of house chores and some packing cause i’m gonna be flyin’ high again soon. finally got to making my  sauerkraut. now it has to ferment for 6 days. then started step 1 of another batch of my sprouted /fermented homemade bread. and I am still so excited about the yummy dinner I threw together. I think my mama mia over at the mia cucina blog would be impressed ;-)

it’s also worth mentioning that today I woke up to two really sweet / encouraging / motivating / inspiring / comments here on the blog. from STRANGERS. so that is always exciting. thank you to those who take the time to give me feedback. it really means a lot and makes a difference because sometimes it’s easy to get off track or get caught in the ‘what if’ thoughts. lose confidence. get scared of putting myself out there. worried about what others will think etc. etc. I guess this blog is good practice to get away from that fear. get me some thicker skin. feel the fear and do it anyway. right, Bax? lol. his expression here cracks me up.

this is my boy, baxter, and he’s the best.

so that is all. thanks for being here! and somebody come take this cookie dough away from me.

lots of love. ciao. xo

‘just believe’, I love you and I’ve missed you.


hello my loves! check this out!! a perfect stranger and JUST BELIEVE!!!!! 4500 KMs FROM HOME!!

just believe World [est. 2010] has been on my mind a lot in the last few months. unfortunately it took a back seat 5 years ago when I started my new job at the College.

and now I run in to this guy! WEARING MY #JUSTBELIEVE SHIRT!!!! IN MEXICO!!!!!
if that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is.
(I ran up to him and complimented his freaken’ AWESOME shirt and excitedly told him and his wife that I was the founder of the brand. we had a really great chat about what ‘just believe’ means to him. as I left them to go for my walk on the beach my heart jumped with joy and gratitude, thoughts running wild with a big bleepin smile.)

i’m SO thankful for this moment, and more than ever now, i’m ready to continue this journey with just believe World. thank you to all of my family and friends AND STRANGERS who have continued to support this brand and dream since it’s conception 7 years ago. to the lovers and BELIEVERS of ‘just believe’, you know who you are, you’re gettin in on this journey too and we’re gonna rock the heck out of this.

I love yas. + happy Saturday <3

With a #gratefulheart,


Stressed out Mom over here!


This week’s craziness…

So Mason was sick this past week, it was rough. He started off with just a cold. It was a weak cold that lasted a few days and then it got worse. Ty and I brought him to get checked and yes it was the common viral infection that was going around. Mason doesn’t get sick too often but when he does, he does! The doctors wanted to see how the next couple days went before giving him any medication which I agree with. I don’t like how hard some of those antibiotics are on their tiny stomachs. So I totally agreed and wanted to wait before giving him meds. I took the Monday off work to be with him and just see how he is doing, I obviously didn’t want to let it get worse. A couple of days passed and back to the doctors we were. He started tugging at his ear and saying it was hurting and I knew right there and then he had an ear infection… Great! Those are the worst. Now he was on ear drops (by the way it’s hard to give a toddler ear drops, he wasn’t a fan) we were told he should be better within 48 hours, or at least we should notice a difference. Nope… It actually got worse. He started bleeding from his ear :( My poor little man at this point was having a horrible week. He had fevers on and off. He was in pain from his ear and constantly screaming. He hadn’t slept in days, cause he kept waking up. We tried to comfort him and hold him which would work for a bit then he would get another pain and we just couldn’t do anything. It really is a horrible feeling. ( I think I must have cried like 5 times this week. ) Watching him be sick and in pain was the absolute hardest for me. I was so emotional all week with him. I know I was so tired from no sleep and I worked a bit too this week. I think overall I was just tired. But yes I was emotional and a bit of a wreck. I had a hard time not being able to help him, or fix him. I am used to being able to fix his problems or stop his cry when something is wrong. I am used to helping him through his mood swings and having a good end result. But sadly he would just scream and scream and then he would cry my name out if he was away from me. Anywho what I am saying is it was hard, and broke my heart and I was tired. I will say that we did find things that helped sooth him at certain times. Jenna mentioned the diffuser from Young Living Essential Oils. I just recently got one too. I really love it a lot. Mason had such a hard time sleeping at night but we diffused the lavender oil before we would bring him into his room. Then as soon as we entered he almost went into this calm trance and would usually go down really well. I also would rub my Arbonne Gelee on his back and chest. It helped sooth all his soreness from coughing. We took lots of nice warm baths, he really liked those too. Overall it just soothed him and somewhat helped in some of the difficult moments.

Back to what I was saying though, we took him back to the doctors immediately when we noticed the blood, luckily he is all good. It’s got to do with the pressure on his membrane in his ear or something and it can tear which can cause fluids to leak. Mase is now on antibiotics for a bit for the infection and so he started to act a bit more normal yesterday, thank goodness.

Ty took him to his parents for dinner last night and I got to sit back and chill ALONE and in SILENCE. Thank you Tyler xoxoxo. I really just needed some ME time after the week. I feel like such a complainer but whatever, I had a hard time. I also didn’t add in that I got sick too with his cold. I’m not complaining about the cold, seriously! I didn’t care how I was feeling, just him. Anywho I watched the Mindy Project last night, and drank wine. Oh and my dinner was Kraft Dinner ( I ate the whole box ). I know it’s so bad for me, but seriously it was sunday and Kraft Dinner is soooo delicious. But Yes Mindy Project is my favourite show right now I may or may have not finished seasons 1 this weekend.

Oh Hey I forgot to tell Everyone!!!!! Had an Awesome Moment with Mason this weekend! He POOED in the Toilet:):):):) For other parents out there you can understand how flipping exciting that is. We’ve been trying to get him on that darn toilet for so long. He was so proud of himself too. That was the highlight of the weekend!!!!!!!

Writing that out makes me laugh so hard. My kid took a poop in the toilet. That was the highlight of my weekend. oh boy :| ( wish you could all hear the tone of voice I have ) I think I need to go out soon.

So anyways it’s been about a week of Mason feeling so crummy. Today he is acting pretty normal. I’m really happy to see him smiling and playing with his toys. If it wasn’t so darn windy outside I’d take him outside but I’m scared that’ll bother his healing ear. We baked cookies this morning and he decided to take a few bites out of the cookie dough ( Yes Jenna, they are gluten-free cookies ). So ya he was taking bites when I would turn away. Then I’m pretty sure he sneezed on half the cookies if not all of them…. So if you come over at some point soon and I offer you a chocolate chip cookie just say NO, I’ll forget that they are contaminated.

Adios Friends, thanks for reading as always:) Your support is always appreciated!

– Till my next adventure –